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    help with RAID1 MSM on ICH10, Vista x64


      After installing the latest Vista patches and re-booting, the RAID BIOS reports the boot (drive C) RAID1 is in "Rebuild" status.  This RAID1 pair is two Samsung 500GB SMART-enabled drives, identical.


      How do I learn more about the status of this RAID1 pack?  Is there a status applet?  How do I tell if one of the drives needs to be replaced (and which one?).


      Device Manager reports current ICH10 driver is version  Is it wise to download and install the latest Intel RAID drivers, or will this cause immediate and catastrophic havoc?  It would sure be nice to have a RAID console applet.  Is there one, and if so, where do I find it?


      For what it's worth, this RAID array has been in service for a year without any problems that I've noticed, until now.


      Thanks much for your help!


      - Bob Elkind