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    RST Does not detect three of my drives windows 10


      I am running on the asus p8z77 v-Premium motherboard it is a z77 motherboard i am running version RST. i have 2 pny ssd drives. one is 120. other is 240. and a one terabyte wsd black drive. i have one other ssd. which is a Kingston 54 gig ssd. it does come up i also have a wsd windows device issue it seems emanating from all three of these drives i have checked in my bios i am in achi mode with hot plug off my windows is up to date and write caching is enabled i did notice all three drive are picked up as removable in properties not set to quick removal and the Kingston drive is not i have downloaded all asus drivers for my windows and have them installed please lend a hand i will post some pics


      Device And Printer Pic.PNG


      Device Manager wpd.PNG


      Drive Properties.PNG


      Full Device Manager list.PNG


      Removeable Media.PNG


      RST Screenshot.PNG


      WPD Properties 1.PNG