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    Nuc6i7kyk dual display issues


      I have several Intel NUC6i7KYK and multiple units are experiencing the same issue.  All units are configured with 32 GB Kingston HyperX, Samsung 950 512GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro .


      Dual monitors - one connected via hdmi, the other display port.


      All drivers up to date.


      The system consistently loses a monitor.  When the system goes to sleep, only one monitor will wake. Restarting the pc does not correct the issue.  I have to switch ports on the monitors - primary starts on display port with secondary on hdmi.

      When problem occurs - shut it down, disconnect power, trade cables between monitors so the HDMI is now primary.  This works for a short while, but within days the problem happens again.


      I have been fighting this for several months.  The monitors do not support daisy chaining display port connections.


      Similar problems occur on the nuc5i5