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    Intel I210: Synchronized Output Clock on SDP Pins




      I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question, if not please correct me.


      I am using an Intel I210 card on my linux PC. I was trying to generate a clock output on one of the SDP pins, so I followed the section- in Intel-i210 data sheet.

      According to Time Sync Interrupt Cause Register(TSICR) description, we can get interrupts to driver for "every output clock half-cycle on SDP pin". So I configured the registers accordingly from the "igb_avb driver" (few changes to original driver in Open-AVB).


      The problem is, I am not getting those clock interrupts. Basically what I was looking for is, to get periodic interrupts from the SDP clock to igb_avb driver, to perform some tasks.

      Have someone tried this before ?


      Registers I configured (for CLK1 on SDP1) are:

      IMS - set Time sync interrupts

      TSIM - enable interrupt for Target Time1(TT1)

      TSSDP - enable SDP1 and assign CLK1

      TSAUXC - enable CLK1

      CTRL - set SDP as output

      FREQOUT - set clock half-cycle


      Please let me know if any more information is required.