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    Intel Driver turned off on startup




      I have a multi-layered long running problem with Intel HD Graphics drivers (for my 4600) that by now has become so irritating I would like to ask for help.


      Starting with the most irritating issue:

      - when I start up my system the Intel HD Graphics Driver is off - meaning I have to go to Device Manager, turn it OFF and then ON for it to work. If I do not do that it is Microsoft Basic Display Driver that is operating, with Intel HD Graphics having the "problem" yellow triangle in the Device Manager.. The problem used to occur 2 months ago - I contacted then the Microsoft support which convinced me to do a system reinstall. I did so and the problem went away, only to come back now again. Driver reinstalls do not help.


      Other issues:

      - 95% of the time I have two processes - igfxEM Module and igfxHK Module - that take 15%-20% of CPU capacity. I have to kill them each time I start the computer.

      - Very often when I try to play games on a TV attached to my laptop, the games refuse to receive the sound. Some meddling with turning the drivers on and off fixes the problem on occasions, but it is repetitive. I suspect the problem is with Intel drivers, since I know they manage the HDMI connection.

      - frequent Display Driver Failed messages while gaming. Though I have two video processors in my laptop - HD 4600 and NVidia 765M, so I do not know which one fails


      I have a Clevo W370STQ computer with Core I7 4700MQ. I use Win10 64bit. More details in the DXDiag attached.

      Reinstalling the drivers, rolling back the drivers - nothing works. Tried to do completely clean installs, using a driver sweeper -> nothing helped.


      I am lost and I would very much appreciate some help.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Does this issue happen only with the latest graphics drivers 4501?
          Have you tried an earlier driver version?

          I was not able to find customized graphics drivers from Clevo, but it will be important since customized drivers may work differently from Intel generic drivers.



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            Hi Allan,


            I rolled back to older drivers and the problem persists. I have now and the problem is the same. Tried the 4501 and it is the same.


            I do not think there is such a thing like customized drivers for Clevo.


            If it is any help I am now stuck also in a failed update loop in Windows. My Windows fails to update each time I start up. Maybe it is trying to update the drivers?



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              Intel Corporation
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              Thanks for the information. It does sound like operating system issue. I would recommend reloading the operating system but this time try using different operating system image or USB with different windows image.


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                Thank you for this suggestion.


                However, my suspicion is that it is the drivers conflicting with the system and not the system conflicting with the drivers.I think so because all the other issues have been occuring basically for the last 1-2 years, both on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, on different install images.

                They have simply been not annoying enough for me to act until now. For the igfxEM igfxHK processes - I usually just killed them via taskmanager with no repercussions. For no sound - I had to disable and enable the Intel HD Sound drivers to fix it each time.

                However, to turn off and on the drivers each time I boot is truly irritating and that only started to appear 2 months ago. And the frequency of driver failures during gaming is increasing.


                Is there anything I can try to do before reinstalling Windows? I truly doubt that installing Windows 10 for the third time would fix this.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  I keep thinking this is an issue with the operating system. Possible corrupted image and the need of customized graphics drivers from your computer manufacturer.