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    Intel 600p M.2 256GB causing PC to crash/restart


      Hello I have brand new desktop PC with the following hardware:


      • Motherboard: MSI B150M PRO-DDP (BIOS Firmware 2.1 Latest)
      • CPU: Intel Core i5 6500
      • RAM: 2 x 4GB Samsung DDR4 UNBUFFERED DIMM > M378A5143DB0
      • PSU: Thermaltake Hamburg 530W
      • SSD: Intel 600p M.2 256GB (Firmware PSF100C)
      • OS: Windows 10 PRO


      I have installed the latest drivers for all the the hardware and I have updated motherboard BIOS to 2.1 which is the latest.



      • When I'm going to download anything or copy/paste anything most of the time the PC restarts (without blue screen)
      • Also I noticed that when I copy/paste the write speed is almost 4-5 MBps!!! And after a while.. boom! PC restarts!
      • I have downloaded the Intel SSD toolbox and when I'm performing the full diagnostic scan I'm passing with 100% the read scan but when it gets to the data integrity scan at 4-5% again, restart!
      • I have downloaded some benchmark tools and again when it goes to test the SSD... Restart!
      • The PC may restart also before or at the time the windows is loading.



      What I have done:

      • Re-install fresh windows (I got some restarts also, but I managed to install them)
      • Downloaed and installed all the drivers/utilities of the motherboard and SSD
      • Removed SSD, installed an old SATA HDD that I had and I installed Windows 10 without a single restart!



      My question:

      • Is it a faulty SSD?
      • Doesn't my motherboard support the Intel 600p SSD?