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    Intel 530 HD Crashing when using flash-based browser video players


      Feel like I'm wasting server space here...


      Like the myriad of cases that somehow have gone completely unresolved (even though many will state that they are in fact solved when they're not) I too, have a huge problem with the Intel IGPU.


      Mine's crashing everytime no matter what solution I try, and I am getting the infamous "Display driver failed to start, blah blah blah" This is 5 seconds in after going full screen on a video in my browser (Chrome).


      (trust me, I'VE TRIED THEM ALL: manually installing the non-oem driver after a clean install from DDU, installing the OEM driver, messing with the XMP settings in BIOS, updated BIOS although somehow the VBIOS didn't [and have tirelessly looked into how to actually update that although I doubt that's it since in a similar case someone here tried that and it didn't do anything], etc, you get the picture)


      and I honestly don't know what to do. I also tried the sticky here. Nothing.




      Alienware 17 R3

      i7 6820HK

      32 GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 980m

      Nvidia GTX 1080 on Graphics Amp


      The Grand Tour has started and this idiotic bug is seriously impeding my enjoyment here! I seriously have no idea what to do now. Yesterday I actually disabled the Intel graphics because apparently the Microsoft basic display driver is somehow superior and won't crash when streaming browser-based videos on my tv.


      Thanks for reading my rant.




      Well whaddaya know. Edge doesn't do this at all. There's a bandaid....