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    What is max ram for laptop with GL40 chipset?


      I have a used HP ProBook 4510s laptop.  Running 32-bit Windows 10.  2.1 GHz Intel Core2 Duo (T6570).  64 kilobyte primary memory cache, and 2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache.  64-bit ready.  250 GB hard drive.


      I am considering upgrading my operating system to 64-bit Windows 10 Professional - wherein I can take advantage of (and will likely appreciate) additional RAM.  I have two RAM slots - each filled with a 2 GB SODIMM (total of 4GB).  The online specs from HP indicate the max RAM for this model is 8GB, HOWEVER, it also seems to indicate (see below) that if I have the Intel GL40 express chipset, the max RAM is only 4GB.  I already have 4 GB of ram on board.  I don't want to spend the money to upgrade to 8GB (requiring the purchase of two 4GB memory sticks) if my laptop will not support it.


      I have two questions:


      (1) How can I determine if I have the GL40 chipset?  I have tried looking in my Windows 10 Device Manager which does not specify.  BelarI have tried running Belarc Advisor.  I have looked in my BIOS system configuration.  None of the these shows what type of chipset I have.  Even HP's technical manuals only show what type of chipsets are compatible with each configuration - not specifically which chipset I have.


      (2) Does the following information from HP REALLY mean that the GL40 chipset limits my laptop from upgrading to the otherwise max 8 GM of RAM?  Or does it mean that the GL40 chipset can only use 4GB worth of installed RAM?  :


      "Memory:  DDR2 SDRAM, 800 MHz, two slots supporting dual channel memory, 1024/2048/4096 MB SODIMMs, up to 8192 MB total (Up to 4096 MB max on GL40 Chipset)."