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    Hyper-V and latest driver problem


      I have problem with .4501 driver provided by Lenovo. Either I have to disable Hyper-V and Vt-d from BIOS or uninstall hyper-v driver. Did the latter!


      If I do install hyper-v and connect for example a TV to my miniDisplayPort>HDMI cable (Lenovo), Windows shows me something like 6 external monitors when actually only one connected. Occasionally screen starts to flicker in different colors. This did not happen with the old driver.


      Previously I had a problem with HDMI audio. Finally I found a solution to that issue. I had to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable package for my OS (64 bit Win 10 latest production release).


      There CLEARLY is a severe driver problem. Can you make installation check that correct version of redistributable files are installed?

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