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    D54250WYKH1 2.5" HDD Update Issue (PXE-E61 Error)


      I've had my D54250WYKH1 for almost three years now without issue until I tried to upgrade the 2.5" drive recently.


      Current configuration

      OS:     Win 10 (upgraded from Win 7 during the free upgrade period)

      BIOS:     WYLPT10H.86A, Ver.0042 (most recent BIOS)

      RAM:     2 x Patriot 4GB DDR3 (1.35V)

      mSATA:     Plextor M6M 128GB => OS drive

      2.5":     Seagate Momentus 500GB 5400RPM => storage drive (no programs, hidden files, etc.)


      I tried to upgrade to a 2.5" 1TB HGST, but I get the PXE-E61 error.


      I've also tried the following:

      - no 2.5" drive installed (only mSATA) => PXE-E61 error

      - Disconnect and reconnect mSATA drive (no 2.5") => PXE-E61 error

      - Restore BIOS to default (mSATA only) => PXE-E61 error

      - Reconnect old 2.5" 500GB drive with mSATA => boots normally and operates without issue

      - Connect new 2.5" 1TB drive with mSATA =>PXE-E61 error


      Any/all ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated