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    No Intel HD Graphics 620 Driver for Windows 8.1?


      I recently bought a laptop with the new Kaby Lake processor (i7-7500U) and after a brief looking into Intel's website I found out that there is no graphics driver for Intel HD Graphics 620 for Windows 8.1, only for Windows 10. Are we going to see any drivers in the future (7500U has just been released so no drivers for its graphic unit is acceptable) or Intel is not going to release for Windows 8.1?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello NTkot ,
          The driver is available for Windows®8.1; you can download it at the following link:
          Note: The driver or software for your Intel® component might have been changed or replaced by the computer manufacturer. We recommend you work with your computer manufacturer before installing our driver so you don’t lose features or customizations.
          Best wishes,

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            Intel Corporation
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            I'm sorry, after doing some reviewing I can see that it is available for Windows®10 only on 7th generation processors. you can see here:https://downloadmirror.intel.com/26404/eng/ReleaseNotes_GFX_154010.4542.pdf

            It will not be available for Windows® 8.1, only for Windows®10 on 7th generation





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              You can use drivers for Windows 10 64bit (only 64bit, as far as I know) for Windows 8.1 (should be possible also to install them on Windows 8, but I haven't test it). I use the driver win64_154512.4552.zip and the make following changes in file igdlh64.inf (in folder Graphics):

              1. after line 203 add:

                   %iKBLULTGT2%    = iKBLD_w81, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5916

              2. after line 786 add:

              CopyFiles=igfx.Miniport, igfx.UserMode, igxpun.Copy, igfx.UMWow , Opm.Copy , Installer.Copy , CUI.Copy , CUISDK.Copy32 , OpenGL_Gen9.Copy , OpenGL_Gen9.Copy32   , OpenCL_Cpu_Root.Copy , OpenCL_Cpu_System.Copy32 , OpenCL_Cpu_Bin_x86.Copy32 , OpenCL_Cpu_Bin_Tbb.Copy32 , OpenCL_Cpu_Common.Copy , OpenCL_Cpu_System.Copy64 , OpenCL_Cpu_Bin_x64.Copy64 , OpenCL_Cpu_Bin_Tbb.Copy64 , OpenCL_Gpu.Copy32 , OpenCL_Gpu.Copy64 , OpenGL_EGL.Copy32, OpenGL_ES1.Copy32, OpenGL_ES2.Copy32 , MSDK_w8.copy
              AddReg =  igfx_SoftwareDX11Settings
              AddReg =  igfx_SoftwareCommonSettings
              DelReg =   igfx_RemoveDeviceSettings

              AddReg = CUI.AddReg
              AddReg = CUISDK.AddReg

              DelReg  = CUI.DelReg
              DelReg  = CUISDK.DelReg

              DelReg = VK.DelReg

              AddReg = OpenGL_Gen9.AddReg
              AddReg  = OpenGL.Installed

              AddReg = OpenCL.AddReg

              DelReg = OpenCL.DelReg

              AddReg = Common_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  = Common_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = Common_DT_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  = Common_DT_DelSwSettings
              DelReg  = Common_Device_Specific_DelSwSettings  ; Delete device specific regkeys
              AddReg =  PwrCons_KBL_AddSwSettings
              AddReg =  AlternateScramblerSupport_KBL_AddSwSettings
              AddReg =  MBO_KBL_AddSwSettings
              AddReg   = XVYCCFeature_AddSwSettings
              DelReg    = XVYCCFeature_DelSwSettings
              AddReg   = HSYNCFeature_AddSwSettings
              DelReg    = HSYNCFeature_DelSwSettings
              AddReg =  DisplayDPP_KBL_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  =  DisplayDPP_KBL_DelSwSettings
              AddReg =  DisplayOptimization_KBL_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  =  DisplayOptimization_DelSwSettings
              AddReg =  igfx_SLT_NB_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  =  igfx_SLT_NB_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = KBL_AUDIO_WA_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  = KBL_AUDIO_WA_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = Display_Feature_KBL_AddSwSettings_Default
              DelReg  = Display_Feature_KBL_DelSwSettings_Default
              AddReg  =  AUDIOWOVIDEOSupport_Disable_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  =  AUDIOWOVIDEOSupport_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = KBL_PANEL_DRIVER_AddSwSettings
              DelReg = KBL_PANEL_DRIVER_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = DISABLE_AUDIO_ENDPOINT_PRE_RS1_AddSwSettings
              DelReg = DISABLE_AUDIO_ENDPOINT_PRE_RS1_DelSwSettings

              AddReg = igfx_MC_AddSwSettings
              DelReg  = igfx_MC_DelSwSettings
              ;AddReg = igfx_WinTMC_AddSwSettings_ALL
              ;DelReg  = igfx_WinTMC_DelSwSettings_ALL

              AddReg = MSDK_4_0_AddSwSettings32
              DelReg  = MSDK_4_0_DelSwSettings32
              AddReg = MSDK_4_0_AddSwSettings64
              DelReg  = MSDK_4_0_DelSwSettings64
              AddReg = MSDK_Win8_MFT_Enable
              DelReg  = MSDK_Win8_MFT_Disable
              RegisterDLLs = MSDK_w8_RegisterDLLs

              AddPowerSetting = PowerPlanSettings
              AddReg = TiledDisplay_AddSwSettings
              DelReg = TiledDisplay_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = LFPForceDitheringEnable_AddSwSettings
              DelReg = LFPForceDitheringEnable_DelSwSettings
              AddReg = igfx_MSI_HardwareDeviceSettings

              AddReg = CoInst.AddReg
              CopyFiles = CoInst.CopyFiles

              MaximumNumberOfDevices = 2
              MaximumDeviceMemoryConfiguration = 512

              AddService = igfx, 0x00000002, igfx_Service_Inst

              AddService = cphs,, CP_HECI_Service_Inst
              ;AddService = cplspcon,, CP_HDCP_Service_Inst

              AddService = igfxCUIService2.0.0.0,0x00000800, CUI_Service_Inst


              3. reboot your PC using "Advanced Startup" (Settings -> Change PC Settings -> Update and recovery -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup)

              4. go to: Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> click Restart and after restart hit F7 (option 7)

              5. after reboot in Windows open Device Manager and choose update driver (right click on MS video driver) -> choose Browse... -> choose Let me pick... -> open have disk and choose already edited igdlh64.inf (in folder Graphics) and confirm that you agree that driver is not digitally signed.


              p.s.: hope that Intel will solve this problem soon.




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                Intel Corporation
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                Thank you for that information IvoMp, I posted in another thread where a customer was able to modify the INF and it worked.
                Best regards,

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                  Thanks IvoMp, your solution was the only one that worked for me.

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                    Thanks for the post IvoMp.


                    I know this thread is a few months old, but I am trying to do the same thing noted here with the slightly newer HD Graphics 630 chipset. See No Intel HD Graphics 630 drivers for Windows 8.1? Looking for any hints on how to get started with a similar mod so that my machine will also recognize its internal GPU under Windows 8.1. For example, how did you locate or come up with the value:


                         %iKBLULTGT2%    = iKBLD_w81, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5916


                    in your post above? Willing to spend the time if someone can point me in the right direction.



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                      Greetings All,

                      We found this post very helpful and used it to support some 7th gen based systems on Windows 8.1.  We found that the bits for Miracast were not included in this so here is what we did.


                      add a comma and the word "Miracast.Copy" to the CopyFiles= line in the section provided in this post by IvoMp.  This provided some necessary Intel*.* files including .dll and .exe added to System32.


                      Now the Lenovo X270 on Windows 8.1 will connect to a wireless display where it would not before.

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                        In case somebody need driver for HD630 under Windows 8.1 x64 here you go:




                        I modded version as IvoMp suggested but changed it to match HD630 identifier. I also added more CopyFiles parametres to install all required files. Without that HDMI audio, Miracast and Vulkan libraries were missing.

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                          You are a champion, SotYPL.


                          I've been wrestling with HD630 drivers for Win8.1 on a new Dell 7050 for the last few hours.

                          Your package has saved me a lot of irritating work.


                          Thank you!

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                            I can't find the download link for the win64_154512.4552.zip file... help please... Thank you!!!

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                              Can you please send me your edited INF Files as I am also facing the same problem....

                              Please send me at rahulgupta9166004615@gmail.com...please sir

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                                Al Hill

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