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    upgrade from i3-380m to i7-2620m


      Hello i have an HP pavilion G6 1040ev with Intel i3-380m first generation, and i know that i7-2620m second generation is compatible at my motherboard, but the only thing i am afraid, is about the heatsink, because my heatsink is crafted for first generations, and i am not sure if it will be ok for i7-2620m processor, please help me and suggest me something for an example my heatsink looks like this :

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          Hello christosvasili,

          In regard to your concern at first. if you are sure of which are the compatible processors, please make sure with your computer manufacturer that you are able to upgrade to the proper processor. In order to avoid any damage to your equipment or even the warranty for it.

          Also, at the following link where you can find the information for your processor, under Package Specifications it mentions the compatible socket as PGA988

          Intel® Core™ i3-380M Processor (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz)

          On the next link you can check the list of the processors with a compatible socket:


          Please bear in mind, that even if these processors share the same socket you will need to confirm that they meet the requirements of your specific laptop.

          Now, related to the heatsink compatibility since your device, it is a laptop it has a small space and the heatsinks that we provide are designed for desktop motherboards. The best option that you have it is to confirm directly with your manufacturer (OEM) in your case HP, the heatsink compatibility.

          At the following link, you will be able to find the contacts for HP Support:


          I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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            Hello there,


            Well, you'd better use another heatsink than this one, or it might damage your new processors. Sorry, I could not give you any suggestion on the which heatsink is proper.


            Best Regards,

            Aaron Janagewen