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    High processor load on i7 (Skylake) with many threads on .net application




      We have a problem with the new Skylake processors when running our application.


      The application is developed on c# .net platform and is easily using using 600-800 threads when running. We currently use 3770 processors on our machines and it works well.


      Looking for an upgrade we started a test with 6700. This has not gone well at all. We see significantly higher CPU load. The strange thing is that if we turn of hyperthreading the CPU load drops significantly. In one test from 85% to about 45%.


      Could this be related to the bug referred here: How to test your PC for the Skylake bug | PCWorld ?


      Or is this by design and hyperthreading is not suitable for this type of load and we need to move away from CPUs with hyperthreading?


      Any advice would be highly appreciated


      Kind regards / Birger

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