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    Intel BIOS Firmware update package DOESN'T support INTEL Xeon




      Thank you for your email, see below.


      Board E51976-406

      Serial no: AZGP05000111

      BMC 1.23



      SDR 0.18

      BIOS S3420GP.86B.01.00.0046

      BIOS Build date 09/29/2010.


      Before proceeding with BIOS update for Intel® Server Board S3420GPLC reading the important notes section I see the following.


      The system BIOS revision provided in this software update package does not include processor microcode to support any production Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors.


      Also when running EFI I'm advised to run BMC & FRUSDR before updating the BIOS. I didn't proceed to install update.


      I'm TOTALLY confused.  I have Xeon processor.


      If I install S3420GPLX/LC Firmware Update Package for EFI fully package how will this affect Xeon processor?


      Thank you for your help.


      Hello Christopher,


      Thank you for your email.  I do not
      see an S3420GPC board in the ARK product catalog, but the S3420GP TPS document
      refers to the LC SKU as “S3420GPC”, so what you have may be the S3420GPLC: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/motherboards/server/s3420gp/sb/s3420gp_tps_r2_4.pdf

      You can download the BIOS update from
      the “Download Drivers” menu option on the left side of the product page.



      If you do not see the software you are
      looking for in the ARK driver list, you can search the Intel Download Center
      website for your board model to see more options.



      If you require further assistance, Intel
      Customer Support can be reached through the following site:




      Lori Yung

      ARK Support

      1. ark.intel.com