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    restart fail with NUC 5CPYH


      I'm working with NUC 5CPYH, with last bios version PYBSWCEL.86A.0056.2016.0901.1751.

      I should use this machine in production in an always on enviroment (24 hours on each day), and for more stability I need of a midnight restart, but often the nuc fails to restart and hangs in a strange situation:

      • The screen is black (No Signal)
      • The power led is on.
      • As soon as I press the power button the system shutdown.
      • On the next power on there aren't errors in ths sys op.



      I'm facing this error on Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 both in 32/64bit versions with all the NUC that I bought (20+).


      For check the problem I have added in /etc/rc.local this code:

      sleep 60 && reboot

      and the system fails to restart after a random number of times.



      Anyone else have found a solution for this?

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