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    NUC6I5SYK WoWLAN (wake on wifi) config problems




      does someone have experience with configuring his NUC with WoWLAN, wake on wifi? I tried so many different things, like BIOS settings, registry hacks, driver config and disabling fastboot.


      Long story short: Nothing works.


      The only thing I get working is, to start the NUC via WoWLAN from S3 (hibernate), but not from S5 (power off). I heard that this should be possible. I think the blocking point is, that the wifi connection in S5 breaks down. I can perfectly see that in the web interface of my Fritz.box. On S3, the device is shown, on S5, it's not.


      I know, I know... no, power, no wifi, but it SHOULD work from what I read... just how?


      I'm very thankful for every hint!


      kind regards,




      PS: I'm using Win10 pro, if that's important at all.