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    intel dual band ac 3165 won't connect to internet


      I just bought a brand new HP pavilion with windows 10. (This is my second laptop. I returned the other because it had the same issue.) The wireless adapter (Intel Dual Band(R) AC-3165) will not connect to the internet. I have updated through HP and Device manager and windows update. It says the driver is up to date. I've checked intel site and it is compatible with windows 10. This was the factory wireless adapter and factory OS. I have searched the internet for solutions to this problem and I have tried everything including turning off the allow to turn this off to save power blah blah blah. This thing is also supposed to pick up both 2g and 5g networks I have both it is only picking up the 2g even though it has both checked in properties. There has to be a solution for this problem. I have now wasted 4 days of my life dealing with this. I have lost 8 hours of sleep because I had to babysit the laptop when I reset it back to factory settings in one attempt to try and fix the wireless adapter. (Only solution online is to revert back to windows 8,,, I cannot do this as windows 10 came loaded on this brand new laptop.) Please Please Please end my suffering otherwise I am done with HP, Dell and Intel. (My 10 year old laptop as well as every other device in my house has no problem connecting to my wireless router)

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Forureyes,


          We understand you're having connectivity issues with the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 installed in your brand new HP® Pavilion* laptop. Your computer manufacturer is always the best source of support in these cases, as our wireless adapters are often modified and customized when integrated into their system.


          From what you've told us, we can see that you have already performed most of the usual troubleshooting, even going as far as restoring your system back to factory settings.


          What we can recommend in your case, without repeating any steps that you've already performed, will be to perform a clean installation of your wireless drivers, but this time without using the Intel® PROSet Wireless Software.


          1. Uninstall your current wireless drivers from Programs and Features, and Device Manager.
          2. Download and extract the IT Admin driver package for your operating system: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26339
               Note: It's important to select the correct OS and architecture (64 vs 32-bit).
          3. Open the extracted folder and run the driver installer tool (DPInst32.exe or DPInst64.exe, accordingly).


          4. Restart your system.


          Note: If this doesn't work, you may try the same process, but with an older driver version: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25836.


          If you need clarification regarding any of these steps, or if this resolves your issue, please let us know.


          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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            Intel Corporation
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            We're following up on your thread since we have not heard back from you.

            If you're still interested in continuing with the support, or you issue has been resolved, please let us know.

            Best regards,
            Carlos A.