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    DP55WG craziness & blue screen

      Intel Core i7 860
      Intel DP55WG (stock BIOS)
      2 x 2gb dual channel ddr3-1333 g.skill
      1tb seagate
      PNY GTX 260 216 core
      Antec nine hundred two case
      Spin-Q cpu cooler
      HP DVD
      Windows 7 Ultimate
      2 x 23" Hanspree LCD
      I first noticed a problem when I would get an error saying something to the effect of "failed to post, this may be due to new hardware or hardware configuration" about every 4th time I would boot up the computer (only on restart)
      Next, I got a blue screen saying there was crash memory dump in progress while watching a movie and playing a high resource game. When I rebooted it took a looong time to actually post-about 10 seconds, there was one short beep (the same as the usual startup beep) and then about one second later there was a long beep, pause, long beep, long pause, and then a long beep, pause, and long beep again, then two short beeps, and then the system would stay powered on until shut down.
      At this point, the monitors were not turning on at all. This led me to think that maybe it was a graphics card issue. I looked up the beep codes and found that indeed 2 long beeps repeated should mean that there is a video error, and the code displayed on the motherboard said that i should start by checking PCIe slot.
      I replaced the card, but nothing changed. I randomly decided to press the back-to-bios button and start the computer.  This made the monitor turn on and took me to the bios. All the configurations were normal, so I depressed it and restarted. After that the system booted like normal.
      Unforuntately, this cycle has repeated itself about every other day over the past two weeks. It will have a blue screen, wont boot up, then I'll use the b2b button to get into the bios, exit, depress the button, and then it will boot up like normal again.
      I have no idea what is going on. PLEASE help if you can!
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          Please also feel free to let me know if I need to post more specifics...

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            It's kinda sounding like you are having an overheating issue.  Have you checked the temperatures of CPU, VReg, and Video Card while having the PC on for more then 20 min and running stressfull tests?  As a rule of thumb, if components are just too hot to touch for more then half a second then they are usually running too hot.  Although sometimes if a heatsink is off or not making a solid connection the heatsink will feel cool while the part under it is burning up.


            If you don't change any settings, you just go into Back-to-BIOS mode and then exit... nothing changed in your system.  This is one thing that leads me to believe you are having a thermal issue.  Sitting in BIOS Setup is not very stressfull to the system and perhaps those hot components just have time to cool off, which is why they work again.

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              Changing the keyboard or monitor without turning off the power or unplugging will give that message screen.  If you are not doing that then it is also possible that the advice to power on the monitor first is proper.  Years ago it was recommended to power on the entire system simultaneously but not now.  I don't know why my screen sleeps soon after resuming from hibernation, but that confuses some people.  My only slow bootups occur after overnight shutdowns with onboard graphics or an 8600GT with Vista 64-bit.  Win 7 with a 9600GT always starts fine.  I suspect the monitor (or the connection) if not the monitor power on issue.