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    D915GAG will not come up.

      Are the D915GAG that picky on memory, Putting togethert a D915 w/ a P4 630, using Kingston KVR400/1G and I get nothing. Now power to fans nothing. The standby power led is on but nothing happens. Memeory or do I have a bad board. The company that sold me the board says it is memory. Just never ran into this before, was always able to get something to power up.

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          Hi there,


          It is best to try the steps below.


          Try to do a CMOS clear of the board.
          Put the bios jumper to the maintenance mode.


          Boot the system with minimum configuration (the rest disconnected)
          PSU + Motherboard + CPU + 1 Memory Module only.
          Put back the jumper to default position when done.


          If it is not booting, remove the memory to check if the board issues any beeps


          Then last thing to do is to recover the bios using the Recovery Method

          If you have any other CPU, test it.


          Kind Regards,

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            The only RAM memory problem I have had was either due to incomplete seating of the 20+4 power MOBO power plug (or power supply plug to the computer) or an older graphics card which may have had slow memory.

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              I had a 915GAG that did that right after the warranty went out.  It started shutting down randomly. Ran Memtest (freeware can download it off the internet) on it and found 1 bad module. Tossed that and the issues kept happening.  Eventually it just stopped booting all together.  I pulled the CPU and used it in an ASUS P5KPL-CM board (since Intel didn't have a current board at the time for the CPU).  That was last March and so far the computer is running well.


              Good luck.