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    Default output to VGA (Intel HD Graphic 520)


      Hi. I have a lot of computers is going to be connected to older projectors. We have 3 to 4 different projector models

      External display resolution must be set to 1024x728 default.

      The chipset is Intel HD Graphic 520.


      Is there a way of doing this inside windows(10) registry?


      I have tried to export the Intel profile and installing it into another computer, without luck.

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          Intel Corporation
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          I understand you are trying to connect a projector that requires 1024*768 screen resolution and you need to set this resolution via windows registry. 

          Please bear in mind that altering the registry may cause unexpected consequences that can prevent the system from starting and require that you reinstall Windows, for this reason, Intel does not provide assistance on this matter. 

          The Import and exporting profiles feature is only available if you need to reinstall the operating system on the same computer. 

          Check this document for more information:
          How to Use Intel® Graphics Profiles