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    Is it necessary to update all Intel drivers?


      I want to ask the question like the title: Is it always necessary to update all Intel drivers to the newest version?

      As usually, people should say "yes because new driver supports better for your system".

      However, I think it's not always true.

      My laptop is from 2012, but I buy the version 2013, not too old until now 2016. In my manufature's site for my model (Asus K55A), they provide last driver from 2012. But almost driver components have very newer version, such as Intel HD 4000 HD, in my site is 2012, but Intel provide even 2016 version. I use PCMark to compare, the score of the newest version is higher (2629 vs 2467, the site's version). But it's just the general score. Except the score for "video playback" (you will know what it is if you have used PCmark), the Intel newest version is much higher than the old version from Asus site, the score for Direct 3D or gaming and the rest catogories, the older version is higher. One "much higer" can help the general score better than many "small higher" probably.

      In Windows Experiece Index, the newest version is 4.9, while the older is 5.1 for category "Desktop Performanece for Windows Aero".

      Some people will say that manufacture can customize the drivers for their products, but I dont think that customization from 2012 should be better than the 2016 version.

      And another situation. I installed newest chipset INF undate utilities from Intel, but It wouldn't install my 2.0 USB port (though it can work with windows's driver - standard enhanced host controller), while using the older version from Asus site, the device manager recognize it as "Intel 7 series usb enhanced host controller.

      It makes me think that with some not too old computers, is it necessary to use the newest drivers for all situation? Can I use the 2016 graphic version with 2012 chipset INF?

      Also, why doesn't new graphic driver  (10.18.....) have OpenCL? I saw OpenCL in programs list when using an old version (8.15......).

      Thank you for reading and your answer!