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    H.264 QuickSync Encoding Pitch


      I'm currently experience an issue on the i7-6920hq that I haven't experienced on the i7-4770.

      I'm using QuickSync to encode an image to h.264 to be sent out via UDP in a mpeg transport stream. I'm currently using VLC to receive, decode, and display the video.

      The issue is that the decoded image from the i7-6920 appears to have the correct resolution in VLC but the image pitch (# of pixels in a row) isn't correct, visually.

      The i7-4770 with the same software works correctly.



      The driver versions are the following:

      i7-6920hq     -> (Intel HD Graphics 530)

      i7-4770         -> (Intel HD Graphics 4600)



      I'm wondering if you know of anything that might cause my issue?