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    i5-4460 high cpu usage in every game


      Fisrt of all, sorry for my english.

      For about two or three months I have been dealing with constant FPS drops in games that used to run just fine.

      With monitoring programs, I realized that those FPS drops were happening because my processor reached 100% usage. So, after that, paying more atention to the cpu usage in games, I realized too that the usage was constantly high in just about every game, causing fps drops in games that used to run just fine a few months ago.

      Searching in the internet, I read that this problems could be happening because of overheathing, and that's not the case. In the worst case scenario, my temps are aroun 70°. So, i read it could be virus. I formatted my computer and reinstalled the windows, but the issue continues, so that's not the case too.

      I Have Windows 10 PRO 64 bits, here, 8GB RAM, GTX 970 and finally the i5-4460 processor.

      I'm waiting for you guys' feedback.

      Thanks a lot.