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    Flashing BIOS on Joule: Access denied


      I have been trying to flash the bios on Intel Joule board but getting error messages


      Intel(R) Joule Flash.bat version #1.1.5


      - Provisioning the eMMC

      Access is denied

      - Checking for RPMB...

      Access is denied

      WARNING: Unit has a RPMB area and will not support the Slim version of the CSE! This means if you are trying to flash a BIOS version greater than #010, it will fail!

      This issue can NOT be fixed!

      - Downloading the BIOS...

      Access is denied

      - Clearing NvStorage...

      Access is denied


      Not sure what am I doing wrong !! Any help is appreciated.


      I am speculating that due to this reason, WinPE is not booting up.