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    audio device disappearing


      Using this as an HTPC for my mom.  Right now it's hooked up HDMI into her receiver, which then of course connects to her TV HDMI.  It works great, no problems, until she stops for the night and turns off her TV and Receiver.  When this happens, the NUC (Windows 10 x64) shows the speakers are disconnected.  Since the receiver is off, and the audio device is the HDMI, that makes sense.  The problem is it doesn't come back when everything gets turned back on.  We have to reboot the NUC to get it to recognize it again, and this gets annoying because it kills the VPN and I have to remote in and reconnect it and so on and so forth.  The audio device still shows up in device manager, but does NOT show up at all under playback devices, even as a disconnected device.  Any ideas?