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    Complete capabilities of Aero Compute board




      I asked this question before under another user's thread, so it might not appears in your inbox, so I am asking again :-)


      Being interested in building a flight controller based on Intel Aero Compute, it seems to be possible without adding an external flight controler.

      According to the following site : Intel Aero Overview — Copter documentation  the compute board would have the necessary components already present.

      The components are:



      Please take a look  at your own documentation here : https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/managed/25/d5/Intel-Aero-Compute-Board-Getting-Started.pdf , it is quite easy to identify the MS5611 Barometer  (red circle) on the bottom view picture:


      The other components are much smaller, hence not east to get a positive identification on the picture.


      So can you provide us with a clear answer to this question, or we have to buy the board without knowing if the component shown on your picture are still implemented and exposed to the kernel and available to interface ?

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