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    Display stops responding and then recovers




      I've had this problem for months now, I've been around the forum for the same time checking on other people with the issue and trying what you guys tell them to do and never got it fixed.


      I get that "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error on Windows Event Viewer (or whatever it's called in English, sorry but I'm Portuguese and my system is in Portuguese so i'm not sure how they translated this so i'll stick with direct translations).


      Nome do registo:System
      Origem:        Display
      Data:          06/11/2016 19:42:08
      ID do evento:  4101
      Categoria de Tarefa:Nenhum
      Nível:         Aviso
      Utilizador:    N/D
      Computador:    m4x-PC
      O controlador de visualização igfx deixou de responder e recuperou com êxito.
      Evento Xml:
      <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
          <Provider Name="Display" />
          <EventID Qualifiers="0">4101</EventID>
          <TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-11-06T19:42:08.452332100Z" />
          <Security />


      This was the last one, I have like 100 of them over the past 4 months or something.


      It usually happens when I'm playing World of Warcraft, but since that's pretty much the only 3D application I use I'm not sure it has anything to do with that particular game.


      It doesn't happen on any other occasion, watching video, using any software. I don't play much of other games, very rarely I play other random games, both 3D and 2D, the one that I play most after WoW is probably CS:GO. I never seen it happen in anything other that WoW.


      I think it started doing it more after the latest expansion of WoW, and I'm also pretty sure I can replicate the problem as I think that it happens every time I've been in a specific place in the game, a dungeon called Halls of Valor, when the last boss (Odyn) comes down and starts talking before you can engage him, it happens every single time i've been there around that moment, a couple of times it happened a bit after but still during that one boss.


      This leads me to believe we could track the problem fairly easy if either you guys can test it there or (and I think this is more likely) the problem is on my CPU/iGPU, hardware manufacturing problem or something, and in that case I would have to use some type of software that makes some detailed logs and captures the problem while I test it. Do you guys have/know anything like that I can use?


      By the way, just so we don't waste a lot of time with scripted and default replies. I've had this problem for many months, pretty much since the start (bought this PC in the 1st of December of 2015), I've tried every driver from the windows default one to the one I have now and every one in the middle from the last year, problem never went away as far as I can remember, if it ever did I would have just gone back to it and report it, so I'm pretty sure it never did. Same thing for BIOS versions on the motherboard, tried all from the one that came to the one I have now.


      Also, and this was a recent test, I was trying out recording some gameplay with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and I found it very strange that recording (local recording, not streaming, did try that) using the Intel HD (quicksync or whatever you call it) the recording comes out VERY choppy, like stops every second for a moment, but my game is running just as good as it was before I started recording. And I can't find reports of people with that problem, so I'm starting to think it's really a defective CPU/iGPU on my end. Recording using the CPU comes out perfect.


      Games seem to run fine, obviously i'm not expecting mega performance out of an intel HD, but I can never be sure the performance I'm getting is normal or below average since I have no base of comparison.


      Some noteworthy things, most I'm pretty sure go in the attached files you guys ask for but I'm gonna put them here anyway.

      My monitor is connected by VGA cable, which some times seems to be important information for you guys.

      I have no dedicated GPU.

      My hardware and Windows installation are the same from day one, never changed.

      No hardware was ever overclocked.

      GPU settings are default.


      I think that's it.

      Hope you have everything you need.


      Edit:. adding some videos of the OBS recordings using CPU (x264) vs iGPU (Quicksync), both have exactly the same settings, I'm not expecting the same quality between them, but quality isn't the point here, the quicksync version is completely unusable and that's not normal from what other people using it have experienced. CPU is completely fluid and then iGPU is just a powerpoint presentation even though my game is completely playable above 60 fps the entire time on both.


      Edit 2:. since I've wrote this I've been in that dungeon again and also the raid that is located in the same room, and it happened every time, so there is something there that triggers it, I can't see a better way to find out what's wrong with the hardware/drivers than a specific place/event in a specific game that triggers the problem 100% of the time.