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    Is my HD 530 Graphics dead?


      Okay, so about an year ago i built my skylake pc.(without graphics card)



      Asus maximus viii hero board,

      8gb kingston memory,

      corsair cx600m power unit,

      120gb intel ssd,

      Core i7 6300 processor


      Everything worked fine (except that issue with screen randomly turning black for a couple of seconds) till yesterday - what happened is my monitor stopped recieving hdmi signal from pc (i checked my cable on tv and it turned out to work fine, i believe that monitor is also ok). After about 20 restarts "log in" screen finally showed up. Colors were corrupted and flickered, after entering my password everything went black (video file attached).


      After some hours constantly restarting my pc i managed to see desktop again. At that moment whole screen was covered in strange red dots and lines (same thing in bios if that matters). The first thing i did was downloading and installing latest driver from official intel website. After that i restarted my pc, and now the only thing i see is black color, i can't even see login screen.


      Is my hd 530 dead?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello MKeiNll,
          I’m sorry about the issue you have, you’re saying that you also get this problem at the BIOS, have you tried removing your memory and test one at a time to isolate a memory issue, I mean the VBIOS is provided by the chipset and when you’re in windows you work with the integrated processor graphics.
          However; you can try also to access the system in safe mode and uninstall the graphics driver to see what will be the results.
          You can also try setting your BIOS to default settings and press F10 to save the changes and restart your system.
          If at some point you can access to Windows® again after uninstalling the graphics driver in safe mode try installing the latest driver manually, please see How to Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows® 10 & Windows 8* or Windows 8.1*
          Also you can check Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel® Display HDMI/Audio Driver
          Download the latest graphics driver here:
          I hope this can help.
          Best wishes,

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            Thank you for your answer, I just tried to remove my memory and test it one at a time. However, that didn't work. I even put it in different slots and pressed that memOK button on my motherboard. I also tried to reset my bios a billion of times by pressing reset button on my motherboard.


            How can i access safe mode or even bios if my monitor isn't recieving any hdmi signal, it's constantly in sleep mode now? By the way, i tried safe mode and low resolution modes day before yesterday when my pc managed to work 1 in 10 restarts, and it didn't work at all, there were no hdmi signal even in safe mode. Also, when i rolled back my graphics driver pc worked normally for about an hour.


            Honestly, i am really frustrated now because previosly i thought that purchasing a graphics card would solve my problem, but if you say that bios graphics is provided by the chipset, does it mean that i have a faulty motherboard?


            Why in the world would you buy top tier components if they die after a year of use... 


            Best wishes, Lev

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              It would be great if i could diagnose the problem at least.

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                Holy crap, it just worked!

                However, worked like this:


                VID_20161115_191025.mp4 - Google Drive

                VID_20161115_191154.mp4 - Google Drive


                It's also strange that it said that i only have 4 gigs of memory, because both memory planks are in.




                So, i tested it a little bit more and it really does work with 1 memory stick. However, screen is black 90% of the time, an when not it's covered with corrupted red colors and lines. Also, i can't boot into my usual drive.




                And now it doesn't work again. Seems like it's totally random.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Did you test another monitor with this system or possible different power supply?
                  Is it possible for you to test your processor in another system to try to isolate this issue?
                  The best way to know if the processor is the culprit in your system is to test it in another system.
                  Testing component is the best way to find what component is defective, try also different video ports if it is possible.

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                    Unfortunately, i have no possibility to test my components in other system.

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Changing HDMI cable or testing different monitor is the best option and that will tell us if the issue is with the cable or the monitor, if a new cable and different monitor does not solve issues, the problem is likely to be in the PC itself.

                      Do you see a button to the left of the Power button on this system? If there is one try pressing that button.
                      Can you try another cable, like VGA or DisplayPort?

                      If nothing works, at this point, I suggest you to bring you system to a computer shop for them to do a full system diagnose.

                      Best wishes,


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                        I think i have solved the problem.


                        The thing was that  hdmi output on motherboard is kinda faulty. I simply needed to drag cable sideways a little bit.


                        Thank you for help


                        Best regards, Lev

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          You are more than welcome and thank you for taking your time to let me know that you were able to solve the problem.
                          Sometimes an issue can be fixed as simple as that.
                          Best regards,