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    Virtual display bug?




      I found a probably a bug with the Intel graphics driver,

      I could copy the same problem with different NUC type of devices,

      including Bay Trail, Cherry Trail and Braswell platforms,

      they all have the same problem, when the problem appears, the screen goes black, leaving only the mouse cursor on screen,

      if you are lucky enough, you could blind-click into the system, then display could come back but it would be the extended desktop screen,

      the primary screen is gone.


      1. Display OK at the beginning
      2. Unplug HDMI cable from the system
      3. Now put system to sleep
      4. Plug HDMI cable back to the system (while it's still sleeping)
      5. Now, wake up the system
      6. Problem appears by 100% – a non-exist virtual display – "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" device now appears in device managernonpnp.jpg
      7. Video output mode being changed to extended desktop automatically: Virtual display + the external display, and virtual display takes over the display priorityvirtual.jpg
      8. To recover, unplug HDMI and plug it back, display back to normal (Virtual Display – Generic Non-PnP Monitor disappeared), no more extended desktop, and primary display go back to the external display as it should
      9. novirtual.jpg
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