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    Problem switching Edison units in Eclipse


      I have been using an Edison/Breakout board with the Eclipse for some time over WiFi.

      I want to run the same C code on a second Edison board over the same WiFi system (i.e. switch boards).


      Since it has a different IP address I first  used the menu Intel(R) IoT / Create a target connection.  I add a new name and use the IP address of the new unit.  When I hit "Run" button everything seems to go fine in accessing the  Edison. However about 91% of the way I get:-


      "error while loading shared libraries: libmraa.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory



      I do not get this when I go back to the first unit.


      What is the problem and how do I correct it.  I'm a complete newbie so please help with some detail