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    Intel I210-T1 driver issue




      i am an IT student at a german university. Currently i am working on my bachelor´s thesis about the PTP protocol. For this reason i got a Intel network adapter I210-T1, which has support for the IEEE 1588 (=PTP) protocol.

      On Linux Ubuntu works everything pretty fine. The card is working as expected. The first time i wanted to use it on Windows, my system frezzed. And still after rebooting the OS, the network card can not be used.


      First of all my HW specifications:

      - MB:          Asus P7H55-M Pro

      - CPU:        Intel Core I5 650 @ 3.20GHz

      - RAM:       16.0GB DDR3

      - Graphic:  Intel HD Graphics

      - Storage:  223GB OCZ-VERTEX3 (SSD)


      The SW specifications for Linux (everything is fine here):

      - OS:         Ubuntu   16.04 LTS

      - Driver:    igb-

      - Other:     linuxptp package


      And for Windows (with the issue):

      - OS:        Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1

      - Driver:    Intel Network Adapter Driver for Windows 7 (Version 21.1, 64-bit)



      The main problem in Windows is located in the device manager. Here it says on my adapter, that the error code 31 appeared. See the attachment. This means, that i absolutely can not use the card. The first time after installing the card, Windows tried to search and install the driver by itself. Then, as i said, the whole system frezzed. I had to power it off with the switch. After rebooting Windows, it said, that it was not able to install the driver. I tried to do that manually with the driver of the support website, but with no success. Only the error code 31 appears.


      What i already have done:

      - Let Windows try to install the driver by itself -> No success

      - Install driver manually -> No success

      - Make sure Windows Update is up to date -> No success

      - Reinstall and/or update the asus driver for the motherboard (also the chipset driver etc...) -> No success

      - Update BIOS to newest version -> No success

      - Testing the card on an other pc -> Success

      - Testing the card under Ubuntu -> Success

      - Tried to execute this solution -> http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1750879/code-error-network-adapter.htm -> No success


      I know that there is always the possible solution for a reinstall of Windows, but this current installed OS is actually only a month old, so pretty new. What else can i do besides this?


      Thank you,




      Found an old post of another forum with the exact same problem, but with no solution. -> i210 driver installation freezes Windows 7 x64 | FreeNAS Community