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    NUC DN2820FYKH wrong system information data (DMI)


      Same issue as in this threads

      WMI32 queries on NUC5i5RY return rubbish strings

      wrong system information data at NUC5i5MYHE

      I've tried BIOS 25, 40, 54 and 55 (latest for now) via recovery update. In all cases DMI info is wrong: it is filled with some 0xFFs and ended with 0x0A.

      This is not a problem in most cases (it looks like I am the third (or something about that) person in internet, which met this issue.

      Android-x86 installed on my NUC crashes with Google play/services error. As far as I can investigate the problem, incorrect DMI information in NUC causes incorrect device model/manufacturer string send to google. I've got workaround for this, but I'd like to be sure that the problem is recovered by Intel.

      This Ubuntu screenshot demonstrates incorrect information in dmidecode report and three files in /sys/class/dmi/id folder

      Screenshot from 2016-11-13 20-49-44.png

      Attachmenys contain full dmidecode report and 3 files from screenshot.