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    Intel RMM3 for 1630BC


      I had gotten one of these for an S5500BC motherboard that I was sending to one of my remote offices.


      I thought it was very well executed, and was working well, so I had the brilliant idea that I needed to put these on a couple of my new app servers - 1630BC.


      The challenge here is twofold:

      1) there isn't a spot on the case dedicated to hold this... with a dremel I can make one.. I just hate metal shavings in my systems...

      2) There isn't a half-length bracket which ships with the RMM3

           a) The 1630BC has some strange deal where the screw-hole for securing the expansion cards is on the opposite side from normal.

           b) This means you can't just cut down the full-length bracket and have it fit


      Does Intel have any plans to start producing the brackets?


      It's a fairly simple stamp and bend, and I have a few places in town that could make some... given the setup costs, quantities always make it cheaper... so if anyone else is interested, please let me know and I'll see if I can get a quote done on the brackets.

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          Found in the spares config guide at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5500bc/sb/CS-030216.htm:


          "Intel® Remote Management Module 3
          Note: Compatible in SC5650DP/BRP chassis and
          system SC5650BCDP. Not supported in the Intel®
          Server System SR1630BC due to physical space

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            Thank you, I had located that note...


            *If* you're willing to sacrifice the (only) expansion slot (which I am on a couple of these machines) then it can indeed fit -- I've done a chop-job on the adapter plate from one of the units I had installed in another machine, and have it (ugly) fitting in one of my servers without issue.


            The plate which comes with the unit is a full height "backwards" plate from what would be necessary to fit in the SR1630... so If Intel wants to make a half-height plate, this would still be usable in the SR1630BC...