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    DB65AL Windows 10 Compability


      Hi, pleased to meet you all!!!

      i need an info on this motherboard. i already googled my question and also searched in the comunity....but no luck.

      Well, my question is this.... this motherboard got all that i want and need for a second PC, windows 7 is also enough but i am just wondering(my kids...pretending...cause all the apps)  if this motherboard will works fine with windows 10 and above all if is compatible with it... the motherboard got an i3 core cpu so i thing that EFI and NX/XD-bit specs for windows 10 are satisfied....at least i hope so.

      Now i know that intell stopped supporting this motherboard but many own old boards upgraded to windows 10 without problems....there is someone that can give me some news about this and any advices? also because i am going to buy this motherboard and i wouldn't like to discover this after i spent my money

      i accept also some hints...maybe there are bugs on this old board that i should know...

      thanx a lot for the help..


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          Al Hill

          The DB65AL is 6 years old  (Q4'2010).


          Here is the tech spec on the DB65AL:  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19710/eng/DB65AL_TechProdSpec03.pdf


          And, Intel® Desktop Board DB65AL Specifications


          Here you will see the supported operating systems for that board under "Discontinued"  Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Desktop Boards


          Here is a list of compatible processors for that board:  Compatible Processors


          Now, while the board is no longer supported, Windows 10 will likely run fine on the board.  However, your biggest issue will be graphics support if you intend to use the onboard graphics.  The supported processors are 2nd gen and their graphics are not supported on Windows 10.  But, you may be OK with the generic driver provided by Microsoft.  It all depends on your needs.


          Also, you have the possibility of using an add-on graphics card.  BUT - you may find incompatibilities with current graphics cards.  So, be careful if you intend to go this route.


          All-in-all, I would go for a more current board.



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            Hi Al!

            Thanx a lot for you reply, very important to me. This sistem is not going to updated maybe with time and a good offer i could change the i3 with an i7 but nothing else.

            But something of your reply got my attention, probably because i quicly read this somewhere else....the problem with video card ...what is the problem? in the past we got many agpversion and the problem almost all the time was that the agp version didnt match with the one on the card slot..... is this the same problem for this pcie or there is something that i am missing. anyway if you have any info i am going to add 8gb Elpida ddr3, sandisk ssd plus 120gb and for video card i am going to use or an asus gt218 1gb or an nvidia gt 8500.

            Probably the worst part is that i am going to set it in a ATX case but the screw holes should be the same and the power supply got same connectors.

            except the case any advices?

            thanx again


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              Al Hill

              This board has a PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot which will accommodate an add-on graphics card.  The problem with today's cards is that they are PCIe 3.0, and they claim backwards compatibility with PCIe 2.0.  In recent months, I have seen that this compatibility does not exist.  It could be the card, it could be the board.  It could be that a BIOS update is necessary, but that will not happen as there is no support for these older boards.  The card manufacturer is in the best position to update their firmware, if they want to invest in such procedure.   So, getting an older graphics card from that era that supported PCIe 2.0 will likely be your best path.  Using NVidia as an example, they provide excellent support for their older products.  Still, check and make sure the card you select has the features you want, driver support, and works in the slot.


              Regarding the onboard graphics, those graphic products are no longer supported (on Windows 10), so there will be no driver updates.  You will have to use the Microsoft generic driver on Windows 10.  Now, if you are not a gamer, and not requiring any support outside of the generic driver, you may be ok with the onboard graphics.


              Without checking your sandisk specs, make certain you use the proper port if the drive supports SATA III.  See table 1 on page 12 of the tech spec.


              As long as the memory meets the specs on table 1 on page 11, you should be ok.








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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello RAF72,
                You can check the Graphics cards tested for this motherboard at:

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                  Thanks a lot both for all advices.


                  I bought the board and is amazing.. do all i need and i was able to use all the component that  i got...never a board fit so well my need... hahahah


                  anyways windows 10 goes graeat...sorry that intel is not supporting that!!!


                  Ok...now back to the only annoying problems that i got....after that i solved all the problems caused by a cmos low battery...Windows 10 shutdown and reboot take about 5 min...i explain


                  i push shutdown and windows close itself perfectly and stops also all devices but fan keeps spinning after about 5 min it do the required action reboot or shutdown.


                  I applied all tips for windows 10 shutdown problems like hybernation or fast reboot but nothing.


                  installing windows 10 the system asked me only for video card drivers ...nothing for the motherboard driver...i updated somethig but the problem is still present.also after a fresh windows 10 installation. the windows 10 is updated to october so i dont know if there is something wrong inside maybe some older could works.


                  I tried also windows 7 and it works perfectly

                  there is something in the bios that i have to check/uncheck? somedriver that i should install?


                  any hints?


                  thanx a lot



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                    Are you running the latest available BIOS for your board? If not, my first recommendation would be to upgrade to this BIOS. You can download it here: Download BIOS Update [ALB6510H.86A]. Instructions for doing so can be found here:


                    Intel Desktop Boards BIOS Update Instructions

                    Intel Desktop Boards Recovery BIOS Update Instructions     <-- Very Important!


                    Hope this helps,