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    DH67CL Not detecting integrated graphics i7 2600


      I have an intel dh67cl (recently purchased as my old board died) and I was using it with no problems for a few weeks. My GPU died of old age, and I took it out for the RMA. Now that it is out, my board will not boot from integrated graphics. It wouldn't work with the setting at adaptive so I set it to use the integrated graphics as the primary and now my computer won't boot with a card in it or not. I cannot get video out at all. If I press the power button and hold it for a tiny bit longer than a regular press it beeps 3 times. I attempted to clear bios settings with the jumper but it appears that is only useful for password recovery and recovering the bios after a failed upated. Is there any way to fix this? Currently the CMOS battery is out and I am going to put it back and attempt to boot it after I get home from work, does removing it even reset any settings? Should I download a bios update and take the jumper off and try to reinstall the bios?

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          If you are hearing three beeps, it indicates that the board could not successfully initialize the installed RAM. I would start by reseating the DIMMs (i.e. remove and then reinstall). If this doesn't work and you have 4 DIMMs installed, try removing those in the black sockets. If this fails as well, restore the DIMMs to the black sockets and remove the DIMMs in the blue sockets. If this too fails, drop to a single DIMM and try it in the various sockets. If this works, continue and try other sockets and see if you can isolate a failed socket.


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            Yeah that doesn't really make any sense though because it beeped 3 times when I removed my 970. So I put a 770 in and it booted up just fine. Then I took the 770 out and it beeped 3 times, so I put it back in and set the bios to use integrated graphics, and now it beeps 3 times whether a card is in or not. The RAM shouldn't be an issue if it booted with a card in it. I really just need to set the BIOS to default settings without having to actually boot it. Also, it only beeps if I press the power button for half a second or so. If i just press it quickly it doesn't make any noise but turns on just the same.

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              I will try to boot it with different ram altogether when I get a chance.

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                So I tried a variety of ram combinations (including other sticks that are known to work) and it still does the same thing. It doesn't beep with a regular press, turns the computer on for about 20 seconds with no video, and then restarts itself over and over every 5 or so seconds. I have no idea what this mobo is doing.

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                  Let me be clear. Whether it makes sense or not, if you hear 3 beeps, it means the BIOS has a problem with RAM initialization. This signal (beep code) is *only* used for RAM initialization issues.


                  Ok, that said, it doesn't necessarily mean that the RAM or related circuitry (including the memory controllers in the processor) is/are bad (well, not yet); there is also the possibility that there is an issue in the BIOS configuration. You mentioned you attempted to clear CMOS. Did you also try reinstalling the latest BIOS using the Recovery Method? This is documented here: Recovery BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® Desktop Boards; it reinstalls (and resets) all firmware components, including the Video BIOS that supports the onboard graphics solution. During this process, the BIOS' configuration is totally ignored and a compatibility configuration is used for RAM initialization. It may this be successful where the normal initialization fails. It likely won't help in this case (my gut feeling), but it's worth the time to try it...


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                    So I troubleshot the board a lot this morning and I got nowhere. I put 1 stick of ram in the slot and it doesn't give me the beep code, so I took the jumper off and inserted a usb stick with the bios update (BL0160) into a USB 2 slot and attempted to recover it. When I turn the pc on, it powers up and the light on the USB blinks on and a few seconds later it turns off. Then it turns itself back on and repeats the process but with only 1.5 seconds or so in between reboots. When I flip the PSU switch to stop the cycling it still attempts to reboot with the power in the capacitor(s) and kinda gives it a half-hearted swirl of the fans. I went through a checklist online and made sure that everything with the other components was alright, including the CPU (my brother has a board of the same socket, it booted just fine), PSU (using my PSU in my bro's computer worked ok, and his in mine showed the same issues), RAM (using a variety of sticks, the beep code was always given if I held the power button down for the duration of the 3 beeps, but gives no beeps if I just tap it). I have a coolermaster cooler and I took it off, cleaned all paste from the cpu and a tiny bit off of the latch on the mobo, applied new paste and reattached the cooler. I attempted to get video out with HDMI and DVI (neither worked at all).


                    For some more clarification on the beeping thing, when I was messing around with the RAM and put a 8GB (unsupported) stick in, it gave me the 3 beeps continuously until power cycle as intended. When I use a known compatible stick (1333Mhz, worked the past few days in the board, also tried some 1GB sticks that are known working) the beep code does not happen. BUT, if I press the power button and hold it down, it beeps 3 times starting about .5 seconds after the press starts. I do not know if this behavior is intended but it doesn't make much sense to me.


                    In any case thanks for actually responding, I assume this board is probably dead.

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                      What can I say? When older hardware goes awry, what does and doesn't make sense goes out the window. There are a lot of possibilities; something could have happened when the graphics card failed or something could have shorted during the process of removing the graphics card (with older hardware, it could be caused by something as simple as the flexing of the board as the card is pulled). It seems you've proven it isn't the memory or the processor (I was guessing that anyway). It is likely something in the circuitry for the memory buses on the board and you are being disaffected by noise or reflections on the bus(es).


                      Now you have to decide whether the i7-2600 processor is worth saving, worth the cost of a replacement board - especially considering that Intel is not supporting it (well, as least its graphics) with Windows 10...


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                        Thank very much to N. Scott Pearson for the information provided previously.
                        To gochuonpire:
                        At this point basically you tried all the troubleshoot steps that we recommend, it seems to be a hardware problem with the board itself, and just to let you know the board has 3 years of warranty, so if you have the proof of purchase and it states that the board was purchased less than 3 years ago, then we can always replace it for you.
                        If you are interested in the replacement, please get in contact directly with us through chat, email, phone or online support, you just need to select board on product type and you will get those options:
                        Any questions, please let me know.