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    Latest graphic driver causes blue screen - attempted write to read only memory


      Since earlier this week when I got an upgrade pushed to my machine I've had ongoing blue screens even if I do nothing at all.

      Initial exceptions occured in IntelCpHDCPSvc.exe

      I tried to remove the driver deleting software on my system.  But MS kept downloading and installing the driver.

      I  explicitely changed the driver to the generic MS driver.  This seemed to work (worked longer) but eventually blue screened.  There was still an Intel Graphics service running so that may come to play in the exception.  I just downloaded the 8/10 driver and it threw a blue screen as well.  Though this time there were 4 rows of garbage on the blue screen now.  This is my development machine and really need something fixed so that I can stop this process and get a working development system!!!