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    6700k bent chip


      Today I was playing World of Warcraft, all of a sudden my PC shutdown and the fans started clicking. I thought wow, my 650 Platinum psu from evga died. However to be sure I started removing hardware to find the culprit. After getting down to one stick of memory and thats all I still had the same problem.


      I started to think motherboard as I have never had a Intel chip go bad. I started reading on the symptoms and ran across a article at Toms Hardware about Skylake cpus warping ... I was like wtf?


      So I pulled my cpu and Ill be damned, it was warped. Luckily for me I contacted Intel and they are warranting the chip.


      My question is, is there any type of cooler that is safe for these chips? I dont want to get my new one and six months from now have the same issue. I was using a H75 Corsair AIO. Im not a fan of tower coolers.


      I have 3 other skylakes, 2 i5 6600k's and a i5 6500. I checked all of them and none seem warped and work fine.