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    Install NVIDIA Driver without installing Intel driver first (Intel Driver not compatible with windows 7)




      I have a new laptop which has an Intel i5-7200u processor (which means his GPU is the Intel HD 620) and an NVIDIA Geforce 940mx. my problem is that I have to use windows 7 (company rule) and when i try to install nvidia driver it asks me to install intel driver first and this GPU Intel HD 620 does not have a driver compatible with Windows 7 so im not able to install it on windows 7 hence im not able to install Nvidia driver do you have any solution in mind please help.


      Is there a way to install nvidia driver without installing intel driver ? or is it possible to use the driver dedicated for windows 10 in windows 7 (knowing that when i try to install it an error message pops up "this system does not have the minimum requirement ") ?


      P.S: I tried to disactivate my VGA card throught bios but my bios doesn't give me the hand to do it.