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    Quark X1000 boot OS from emmc(not SDCARD, SDCARD boot is OK), but grub not display,why? I need modify some BIOS config or change Grub?


      Recently, I update Quark X1000 BIOS code to v1.2.1 to support emmc boot, before this,we use v1.0.2.


      The specific steps are as follows:

           1. Get Board_Support_Package_Intel_Quark_v1.2.1, and build BIOS Image.

           2. Programming Flash on our board.

           3. Make one OS on sdcard and insert our board.

           4. Power on board and enter os. then dd sdcard os to emmc card.

           5. Plug out sdcard and Reset.

           6. I can't see Grub on console.


      Any people have some idea? Tanks very much.