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    Does the Display Port on Intel HD Graphics 4600 on my laptop/notebook support dual displays?


      Good day all - I have an Alienware 15 laptop/notebook that has an Intel HD Graphics 4600 adapter and is listed as having an nVidia 970M although the only thing I can seem to access that is tied to the nVidia card settings is the 3D, everything else seems to be based on the Intel adapter settings. The machine has two external display connections, an HDMI port and a mini display port. The general spec for DP 1.2 is 4 lanes of 10 gig throughput so in theory this connection should support up to 4 monitors at 4K@60Hz resolution. My question is does it have the ability to do at least two at 4K provided you put an active display port adapter/hub that will allow two monitors with DP inputs to connect to it?


      Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.