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    Super Micro modelX10SL7-F with  Intel C222 Chipset, Windows 2008 stand 64bit,blank display issue


      Dear Intel support,please help to resolve below issue@


      After Server 2008 SP2 64bit installation,

      Without loading any driver, just simply click left corner “start” and “lock” the you can see the black screen, only mouse icon available and keyboard num lock responded, but CTLR+ALT+DEL will not responded.


      Issue happens only in Windows 2008 SP2-64bit, no issue with Windows 2008 SP2-32bit or Windows 2008-R2.

      • Driver installed from Super micro website, Post installation of chipset driver ,it show Microsoft as driver provides and release year is 2006.
      • Lan driver will not get installed.
      • Issue happens even when display driver is uninstalled(Standard VGA driver).
      • When issue happens only cursor moves in blank screen,keyboard num lock will respond but CTLR+ALT+DEL will not respond.
      • Bios version is V3.0


      Product Details:

      • SB.RAX11.001    Mainboard X10SL7-F Intel C222 Aspeed AST2400 i210
      • KC.12201.2E3     CPU XEON E3-1220V2 3.10GHz /8M/1155/SR0PH/69W
      • KH.45001.014     HDD SEAGATE 3.5" 15K rpm450GB ST3450857SS (Eagle


      Steps to duplicate the symptom:

      • Use above mentioned Config system, configure RAID 1
      • Install Windows 2008 X64 SP2 and install Chipset,VGA.
      • From control panel enable screen saver and set time =1min,Enable On resume, display logon screen
      • Wait for 5-10 mins then move the cursor to see the issue,issue is intermittent repeat the same for 2-3 times.
      • Another method is Click Start select lock ,display will go blank.