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    Warranty request - Huge difference between core temperatures 4690k


      Processor ID:  L422B757


      Dear Intel

      I have a problem with my 4690k processor. There is a huge difference in temperatures between cores in my CPU.

      Everything was ok... I had Zalman Z9 + 4690k + MSI z97G43 + Thermalright Macho. The max temp was 60 degress in  stress.


      Someday i wanted to have watercooling. I changed my case to phanteks, motherboard to Asus z97m Plus and cooler to Enermax Liqtech. After that i had a first problems with temperatures. In stress i had core1-core4 +- 80-65-50-50. I thought that waterblock is warped so i changed that enermax to Arctic Liquid Freezer 240. Now the temperatures are worse... 100-90-50-50.


      I have a stock cooler at this moment and the temperatures in stress are 100-90-75-75).


      Next step was motherboard.... Maybe there is a problem with it so i changed it to MSI z97S krait edition. The temps are the same.


      After all of this i think there is a problem with CPU. The BIOS is the newest, and the settings are default. XMP is disabled.

      Every coolers was mounted a few times, and the thermal paste was MX4 (new paste every mount). Now my CPU have 100degrees on core1 and doing a throttling.


      PSU: Corsair CS650M