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    RSTe Service not Running, Driver Confusion - Which RST / RSTE / RSTE NVME Driver should I use and where to get it




      I am setting up an asus z10pe-d16 ws using the intel RAID - On a WIn 10 Pro X64 System -

      Z10PE-D16 WS | Motherboards | ASUS USA


      I have the latest Chipset and 'C610 Intel RAID' drivers on the website and they arent working for me.



      My installation of RSTe looks like its working but the tray Icon permanently says 'RSTe Service' not running, and the message is in fact correct, even though I installed the package, there is no windows service I can see for Intel RSTe.  On my other machine I have the Intel RST version, and everything works like a champ - So before I delve into long exploratory process, my first instinct was to get the latest driver, as that often times resolves most problems.


      I cannot find a driver for "Intel RSTe Sata sSata" on Intel's site, I see the regular RST driver and an RSTE NVME.


      So my question is 2 fold, Any suggestion on how to get the service to install?

      and as far as the drivers go,

      Is there an updated driver for me? If so please point me to it.

      Doesn't seem from reading I can use the standard RST driver. Is that correct?

      Can I use the RSTE NVME?


      If its relevant, I have the Sata controller on which I want to use the RAID in raid mode, and the Raid array is working, despite the fact there is no service running.


      Thanks All, first time with the 'enterprise' level IRSTe