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    Heatsink & fan for a P4 3.06ghz: Socket 478 CPU; does it have to match?



      I would like to know whether or not a P4 3.06ghz: Socket 478 CPU must be used with a (stock) particular heatsink and fan (ie one rated for 3.6GHz) or is it ok to use a stock heatsink and fan rated for 3.0GHz cpu or even one for a 2.4GHz cpu?


      I have acquired a P4 3.06ghz: Socket 478 CPU without a heatsink and fan but the heatsink and fan I currently have came with an Intel Celeron 2.4GHz cpu so I'm not sure that it will be suitable?


      Also I am having no luck sourcing a P4 3.06ghz: Socket 478 CPU heatsink and fan (I'm in Australia), only ones that are supposedly suitable for 3.00GHz such as this or this and it seems the only cheapest alternative is a very expensive one- a Scythe Kama Grand Cross at $78.00.


      If it is of any use or relevance to this issue, I will putting this cpu into a CM690 case with two 120mm fans blowing outside air in directly over the cpu area, an 80mm fan behind the motherboard, 2 120mm fans at the top of case exhausting hot air out, a 120mm fan exhausting at the back of the case, and a 120mm intake fan at the bottom and at the front of the case- so lots of cooling fans.