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    How far can I upgrade Intel Centrino N-6235 Driver?


      I have several HP ProBook Series Laptops with the Intel Centrino N-6235 Driver.  The Device Manager shows the current Driver to be 15.17.xx.  The Intel website says the latest driver for the N-6235 is 19.10.00.  The installer says I must remove the old driver, which I do, and then install 19.10.00.  However, once this process completes, the Device Manager still shows that I am using Driver 15.17.xx?  What am I doing wrong?  Or will the N-6235 not push past 15.17.xx?  The laptops experience frequent (as in several times an hour) wifi dropouts that require restarting the wifi or rebooting the computer.  I was hoping an upgrade to 19.xx.xx would solve this problem.  Thank you for your insight.