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    DP55WG USB port compatibility


      I bought this DP55WG mainboard just one week ago. Every day I have trouble with the USB ports. I am using a USB hub ("D-Link DUB-H7") with connected USB harddisks. The operating system ist Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. In total 8GB RAM (4x 2GB original Samsung DDR3-1333). If I copy data from the external USB harddisks (via the USB hub) to the internal harddisk (connected to SATA port 0), the used USB harddisk is disconnected sporadically. Windows reports this failure with "The device is not available (anymore)". The USB hub is self powered. With my old computer system (D865PERL and Windows XP) there have been no problems. I is not possible to me to use the USB harddisks at this USB hub. I tested every USB port of the DP55WG without success. I do not know if it is a software (driver) problem only or a hardware incompatibility with my USB hub. I would prefer the first...