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    brightness sony vaio win 10


      I have a Sony vaio  VPCS136FX and originally it had a win 7

      two day ago I update it to win 10 and since that time the brightness drop to approximately 10% and its not adjustable

      I contact Microsoft support center and after a long remote control they told me the issue is the driver of your intel graphic card and I have to contact intel company

      they try to get the latest update for intel driver but when ever they download the latest driver and try to install it it get error (driver does not compatible )

      my intel info is

      Intel(R) HD Graphics

      Driver Version

      Driver date 11/26/2012


      when ever I want to update automatically it says the best driver software for your device is already installed

      me myself as well as Microsoft agents try to install and run all the driver from your support center but none of them work on my laptop and after run it get an error

      please help me

      thank you

      aryo barghi