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    RAID 10 , replacement disk failed to rebuild from intel RST despite adding the new drive as RAID memeber


      A little bit of history. - I have a sever with 4 HDD and RAID10. Some years back these 4 HDDs were all 1 TB each but over time i have changed some with one of them now a 2TB WD drive. Just recently, Intel RST reported that the Array is broken with one of the disk showing failed on the intel RST console and gave the option to reset disk. I clicked on reset disk and the Array began to Rebuild and after that everything seemed fine

      The next day it displayed degraded volume with port 2 failed

      Radi faliure.JPG

      Next day i got another HDD a 4TB WD HDD and replaced the failed drive. The moment i boot the system, the Intel matrix storage manager discovered the non RAID member disk and suggested i add this disk to the RAID member which i did.  And the RAID volume status says Rebuild



      intel rom.png

      However when i boot into windows (svr2008 r2) the Intel RST refuses to give me option to rebuild or even start the rebuild automatically.

      After some research online I later installed newer version  ( but still this did not solve the problem.

      I did appreciate any help to solve this

      RAID rebuild fail.JPG

      Qs. is this problem as a result of 4TB non- support? is the ROM to old for 4TB ? is the intel RST misbehaving, is there a bug somewhere?