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    A few questions about Intel


      Hello. I'm not a native english speaker,so please escuse my grammar,and spelling mistakes (if any) .

      I own an Intel core Haswell Cpu,and I have some questions about some things, I hope some Intel representant will answer.


      1. What exactly is Intel Management engine interface and why,me,as a regular desktop user, do I need it?

      Isnt it a likelly attack surface for malware/unwanted remote control of my PC ?


      2. How would you describe the Intel Linux Mesa driver compared to windows closed source one ? Features and so on. They are up to par ?


      3. Why there is not Intel driver support for Haswell refresh for Windows Vista ? As far as I knew, Vista is supported till 2017. We live currently in 2016.

      (Please don't give me the low usage market share tip, you support Linux which has a lot less market share,like 2% /


      Thanks .