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    Intel Rapid Storage Controller raid 1 issue on Centos 6.5


      Hi All,


      I have purchased a Dell powerEdge T20 rack server recently with 1TB SATA and bought another SATA of 1TB too. I have tried to configure raid1 array with the Intel Rapid storage raid controller after enabling RAID ON mode in the configuration. Then I have installed Centos 6.5 from a bootable USB and changed the boot order to 'Intel Volume' (i.e harddisk boot). But after reboot a black screen appears and it shows as 'Hard disk error' .  I have entered to the raid configuration utility by pressing CTRL + I and the raid array was showing as "Initialize" state. Then I have selected the ' reset to non RAID disks' options and booted Centos 6.5 from the hard disk, it has booted without any issues. What is the issue? is it because of driver supporting issues on Centos? Any ideas? Ideas appreciated.


      Thank you!